What if I want to do all the theming by myself with a pre-designed template?

If you’ve never build a site before and you don’t have any experience in that area, it will be easier and more time-effective to just hire a professional freelancer, who also needs to know a few things about graphic design software, like Photoshop or Gimp.

Templates files aren’t different than any other CMS files, so any developer with even little experience should quickly have an idea what to do with them. Most of them also have knowledge of graphic programs mentioned before.

What is a web design theme exactly?

what is templateWe can talk all day about different templates, but what they are precisely? Well, all you need to know is that they’re sets of files created with the help of PHP, HTML and CSS technology. When you download a theme you’ll get a zipped file, which then you want to upload to your e.g. WordPress installation and activate and… voila. Your theme is already working and you good to go with some more adjustments.

Following above example themes specifically designed for WordPress are often very customizable. Very basic ones have option to change fonts, logo, slider images and positions of widgets. More sophisticated allow you to make changes live on site, which means you can literally drag blocks of text and drop them in particular places. That should give you immediate picture of how site will look to the end user. It’s very simple to tweak that kind of themes.

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Why shouldn’t you always starts from scratch when it comes to designing a website?

We don’t need to reinvent the wheel again, right? When a developer, even less experienced one, has a template in his toolbox, he can literally create a unique and beautiful website within hours of work. That’s a huge time saver, don’t you agree?

learn web design

This could however bring some inconveniences, because every developer needs to get to know with new theme. On the other hand, there are so many places on the internet where you can find such good designers, that you don’t need to look for on your local market. Keep in mind, that you should choose only those, who has very good reviews. That includes not only theirs technical skills, but what is maybe even more important, their communication skills. What is the value in hiring someone, who you can’t communicate with and all your requests ending in something completely different than you expected.

If you want you can start learning from this video:

When you work with designer whole process starts with a couple of ideas he presents to you. Then you can choose one of them or ask for a new bunch of designs, which will of course costs more money. When you’ll finally come to agreement he can start tweaking details of your template until you’ll be 100% happy with the results.

The process with finding pre-made templates is slightly different. At first you look for a plain design, but you have the privilege to choose from thousands of themes, before you even spent any money. When something drags your attention you can buy it for around $50 – $100 and you’re ready to go to the second stage. Today’s templates often have drag&drop feature, so literally you can theme your website all by yourself. What’s more, if you have some HTML and PHP skills you can easily tweak it even further or hire a freelancer to do it for you for probably couple of hundreds of dollars, maybe less.

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How much it will cost me to have a professionally custom designed layout for my website?

What if I am on a very low or medium budget?

If we’re talking about smaller size website, for example with 10 pages, then you should expect price range from $500 to even $5000. This includes everything, starting from hiring appropriate people to the point of getting completely designed and fully functional website already on the net and ready to receive first visitors and customers.

low budget artworkThe costs will be significantly higher if you need more pages, let’s say 20-100. That could raise the price to even $15000, especially when your needs exceeds standard features on site. This would need more programming skills as well as time dedicated to implement them.

On the average aiming for real professional who knows what he’s doing, with rather standard 10-15 pages and some extra features that makes a website more unique, you will be charged approximately $2500 for a decent work.

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Are you looking for a nice design for your website?

Why not try the pre-made themes?

premade themeWhen you’re on a tight budget and have only few dollars to spent, templates are probably the best choice you can make. You probably won’t have 100% unique design on the web, but practically speaking: there are hundreds of millions of websites. When you install your theme you want to change some things on it – little tweak here, little tweak there. So the chance that you’ll have exact same website look is practically nil. Besides that, not every person who bought the same template will actually use it on their site. Sometimes plans change and even if someone install theme, it’s not predetermined that his or her website will be popular and somebody actually sees it. So you don’t have to worry too much about that, the chances are pretty slim that your design won’t be 100% unique.

One of the most important advantages of using themes is that they are hugely time saver – all the meetings, discussions about every aspect of design, then programming, fixing issues could successfully draw you away from more important aspects of your business and life in general. Not to mention about saving decent amount of money.

However if you have significant more resources you can go with more aggressive approach, especially when it’s vital to be different than others with your site design and be the only one with all the copyrights to yours custom look. Only then you should consider hiring an agency or professional designer.

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What are the steps needed to setup a fully functional website?

I assume you already have a domain, that you want to setup your site. What you need more is a place where you can storage all the files, from which website is build. Those files should be on a server that is constantly available to the internet – we call it “host”. There are millions of services where you can buy hosted space for as little as few dollars per month.


When you get a host you need to update the DNS servers at your domain registrar, so it will know where to look for your website files. Every host service and registrar should have a tutorial about this process and I bet their support can help you too with this. With that said, all this technical stuff can be done by your hired freelancer too, he will need login and password to these services though.

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